About The Punches

Meet The Punches Family

The Punches are musical family group who make their home in Fredericktown Missouri, nestled in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. Mom and dad, as well as their twin girls (Brooke and Emily), all play instruments and sing.  They have been performing nationwide at churches, festivals, fairs and special events since 2009.  Additionally, they’ve been featured weekly on Great American Gospel TV and Great American Bluegrass TV on over 200 stations across America.

Bruce and Bobette were married in 1995 and have 4 children who all play and sing.  The two sons, Graham and Owen, are married and only travel with the family on occasion. Bobette was raised in a musical family of 9 while Bruce grew up an only child and started playing at the age of 13. When they met, it seemed to be a natural fit and the rest is history. Bruce enjoys carpentry, building, promoting, and jam sessions back at the cabin that he and the boys built a few years ago. Bobette makes crafts, jewelry and also enjoys sewing, cooking, and her ‘girl-parties’ that she hosts several times a year with others from their church.

Emily started playing fiddle at age 7 and then later, guitar and drums. Emily is 18 now and has developed a rich voice and a sweet demeanor on stage while carrying many of the high lead and harmony parts in trios and quartets.  In addition to her music, she works part-time as a coffee barista and is active in her church youth group.  Emily adds a lot of personality and style to the group through her singing, playing, and performance.

Brooke is also 18 and started playing fiddle at age 7, but later took up the dobro and steel when she turned 9.  Some of the first tunes she learned were The Wabash Cannonball and Fireball Mail.  Although she’s a favorite on the dobro, Brooke always garners an audience’s attention with her rich vocal work.  The girls are as different as night and day, but like Emily, Brooke is also active with their church youth group and enjoys making and selling reborn dolls.
The entire family has a love of the Lord and desires to see souls saved and encouraged. They are fun and uplifting and their performance is strong and encouraging. Everyone loves families, and the mere fact of these four traveling and performing together is a powerful witness.  You’re sure to love The Punches.